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Itinerary Information, Links & Resources

Day 1: Start on a Sunday

Suggested Gotemba Hotels: Hotel Clad: (Just opened in the S@pring of 2020)

The Hotel Clad is a hot spring hotel located within the Gotemba Premium Outlets mall in a perfect location with unobstructed Mt. Fuji views. Newly opened in 2020 the facility is in top condition to provide not only a great base for golf tours, but even non-golfers can stay behind and enjoy the hot springs, spa and unlimited world class shopping!!

Mars Gardenwood: (Most upscale hotel in the Gotemba area)

Activity: Hotel spa and hot springs, or shopping at the Outlets where your hotel is located! Very convenient!!

Day 2: Monday

(1st)Golf: Fuji Oyama G.C.: (Caddie Play with motorized cart)

Meandering  through  the foothills of Mt. Fuji this exclusive club was carved out from mature native forests and offers a well manicured and maintained relaxing round. The membership is strong here, so reserve early to get the premium tee times. 

Activity: Kirin Fuji Distillery: Call: 0550-89-4909 (reservations suggested for groups over 8) For whiskey lovers a tour here is a must! Discover their special production methods and the secrets of their award winning taste. At an altitude of 600 meters the distillery is located in a large ancient forest on the up-slope of Mt. Fuji. You will start your tour with a bi-lingual video allowing you to learn how the trifecta of mild temperatures, moderate humidity and pure  Mt. Fuji spring water sourced on-site from directly below the distillery!! 

Hotel: Hotel Clad:

Day 3: Tuesday

(2nd)Golf: Fuji C.C.: (Caddie Play with motorized cart)

Fuji Country Club is a traditional course designed by one of Japans most prolific designers of the era, Shiro Akaboshi and was founded way back in 1958. The clubhouse is even a registered cultural building and this course is always impeccably groomed year round! Each hole is memorable in its own right, but add in Mt. Fuji views from almost every hole and it’s outstanding!

Hotel: Hotel Clad:

Activity: Gotemba Premium Outlets:

Day 4: Wednesday

(3rd)Golf: Fuji Kokusai Golf Club:

(Self Play or caddie with motorized cart) This 36-hole facility features the Fuji Course (caddie only play) and the Otome Course (all self play) with both courses highlighting nature and Mt. Fuji vistas. Established in 1961 the clubhouse has been rebuilt to a modern luxurious standard providing all the services you and your guests would expect. Generally flat, there are multiple streams and ponds that, along with the mature pine and coniferous trees, keep it challenging. A great track.

Hotel: Hotel Clad:

Activity: Sake tasting in the Fuji Kokusai clubhouse

Local Dinner: Sakanaya:

Tel: 0550-84-5300 (Note, there are 2 locations in Gotemba, both good, just be sure you go to the one you’ve reserved)

Day 5: Thursday

(4th)Golf: Rembrandt Golf Club:

(Self Play with motorized cart) Located on the side of the ancient volcano that formed the Hakone valley, Rembrandt Golf Club offers stunning views of nearby Mt. Fuji as well as the Gotemba valley, Ashitaka mountain and the Pacific ocean in the distance. The starting holes flow downwards from the clubhouse eventually meandering through the mature forest back up to the same elevation as the starting hole! A very memorable course well worth the price of admission.

Hotel: Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba:

Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba is perched on the side of the Hakone Mountain overlooking the Gotemba valley surrounded by rich nature. Views from the rooms are stunning with perhaps the best Fuji vistas there are! The hotels luxurious architecture utilizes plenty of dark Italian marble reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The gourmet French restaurant here offers upscale French/Japanese Fusion set menus and the wine list is extensive!

Activity: Mina Mahalo Spa and Massage:

Venture up to the 6th floor VIP room where this salon is located. Various styles available and reservations suggested. Facials and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi oil massage available for ladies and Lomi hogushi (similar to shiatsu) available for both men and ladies. Highly recommended! 

Day 6: Friday

(5th)Golf: Gotemba Golf Club: (caddie or self play with motorized cart)

If it’s golf with a Mt. Fuji view you seek, Gotemba Golf Club is a challenging mountain course with stunning views all the way from the pacific ocean, on view to the south, to nearby Mt. Fuji straight ahead. Perched on a hilltop between the famous Hakone and Gotemba valleys this Shiro Akeboshi designed club makes for a perfect round providing a blend of fresh air, strategic holes and all day views of the famous mountain. Quite hilly, so you might opt for Gatsby Golf Club as a better alternative on this day.

Hotel: Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba:

Activity: Okamoto Riding Club:  

Beginners to experts, Okamoto Riding Club is a friendly English and Japanese-speaking horse riding club in the Gotemba valley. Their horses are well trained and they offer European style riding catering to all disciplines including dressage and jumping. Lessons are 45 minutes and they have a clubhouse and an arena waiting area for visitors. This experience is for athletic types.

Day 7: Saturday

(6th) Extra Golf: Gatsby Golf Club:

(Self Play with motorized cart or golf scooter)

*Extra round suggestions: Fuji Kogen G.C., Kagosaka G.C., Higashi Fuji C.C., Taiheiyo Gotemba West Course, Fuji Green Hill G.C. or any of the 20 courses here in the valley!

Gotemba Area Activities: also nearby Hakone:

Nope, no fun at all....nope!!

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